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Our Encinitas Sprinkler Systems Specialists Are on the Cutting Edge

We offer an extensive menu that meets a Our Encinitas Sprinkler Repair Contractors Repair Pop Up Headswide-range of sprinkler repair needs in Encinitas, CA. Our technicians are serious about their business. They stay on the cutting edge and verse themselves regularly on new developments in the industry. If you're looking to upgrade from your current system, we can help you find the right lawn sprinkler or irrigation drop system for your garden.

Your problem might seem major, but it may not be as grave as it seems. Give us a chance to inspect it before rushing to replace your system. We'll aim to salvage your Encinitas, CA sprinkler system if it can still serve your needs in the current condition.

We specialize in sprinkler repair in Encinitas, CA, but our service list is comprehensive. We can actually do more than what is listed. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us to see if we can accommodate your unique request.

We've provided a list below that covers many of the services we offer.

Our Current Services:

Alt TextRoutine maintenanceOur Encinitas Sprinkler Repair Service Handles Drip and Pop Up Irrigation Systems
Alt TextSeasonal Tune-ups
Alt TextSeasonal system inspections
Alt TextElectronic controller repairs
Alt TextSprinkler head adjustments and repairs
Alt TextSprinkler head replacement
Alt TextFull system replacements
Alt TextBackflow preventer repair
Alt TextRepairs of sprinkler system leaksOur Sprinkelr Repair Team in Encinitas Guarantees a Greener Lawn
Alt TextPipe repair
Alt TextMalfunctioning valve repair
Alt TextValve location
Alt TextValve replacements
Alt TextSprinkler system installation
Alt TextWiring problems
Alt Text Coverage issues
Alt TextPump system install
Alt Text Pool rerouting
Alt TextRain and Freeze sensor installation

call now: 760-452-0611